Head Of Brand Development / Director

Manchester, Salary:Negotiable

About Social Chain

This is Social Chain. A global social media agency. We deliver tangible results that have a long term transformational impact on progressive brands. We use the latest technology to drive strategy, the right minds to inspire creativity, and over 386 million people to maximise distribution. We currently have offices in Manchester, London, New York and Berlin. Interested in joining us? We’re always looking out for the next generation of talent to join our expansive team of creatives. We’re not looking for generic CVs, we’re looking for originality and a proven passion that grabs our attention.

Job Description

Media Chain are looking for a strategic, social-minded senior leader to join the Manchester team. You will be responsible for developing our presence on new and innovative platforms alongside developing our existing brands on the platforms they operate on at the moment. Your ultimate goal is to consistently increase brand equity for our current brands across social and beyond whilst capitalising commercially in these new avenues. 

Candidate Requirements

Maintaining brand & Developing brand equity: 

  • Working with the brand heads to help maintain the standard of the brand guidelines across everything we do. 
    • Co-creating brand guidelines & training staff to adhere to them. 
  • Ensuring the way each brand looks and feels is consistent and appropriate. 
  • Developing the brands beyond social; potentially into events, sponsorships etc etc.
    • Only developing these when appropriate for each brand. 
  • Working closely with the video team to develop series concepts that increase brand equity and are easy to commercialise / sponsor. 

Developing brand real-estate: 

  • Getting each brand onto new platforms and tools; i.e WhatsApp, TikTok, messenger Pinterest. Building the team and infrastructure to support this.
    • Inspire agility and fast movement onto new platforms and innovations. 
  • Working with the commercial team to commercialise each new platform and innovation. 
    • Attending agency meeting to act as the innovation lead in the room; educating agencies on the benefits of tapping into the innovations within our brands. 
  • Ensuring each brand stays at the forefront of what's possible on social. 
    • Be the first mover in the social and tech landscape; working with the innovation team throughout the group to build tech that will advance us beyond what's possible today 

Wider responsibilities: 

  • Being a senior voice within the team; acting on behalf of Media Chain as a whole and contributing to wider business ideas and decisions. 
  • Sharing knowledge of social & innovation regularly throughout the company via multiple communication channels. 
  • Raising the profile of the Media Chain brands; speaking at events and pitches about trends, content strategy, audience, engagement, research pieces, what works on social etc. 


  • 3-4 years experience in a leadership role 
  • 4-5 years experience in social media  

Additional Info

For a greater understanding of our Media Chain brands visit www.mediachain.co 

For an update on your application, to ask about other opportunities, or if there’s anything else you’d like to tell us about you that your CV doesn’t, email join@socialchain.com