Senior Social Media Manager

New York - £1 to £10

About Social Chain

Who are we? 

We are a global team of innovators with a track-record for leveraging owned media, technology, and insights to build brands that earn a meaningful share of people’s lives. With 750+ employees across 24 offices worldwide.

Why does Social Chain exist?  

Work: Through our combined creativity, talent, skills, care, and knowledge we produce unique and necessary value for our partners, our products, and our people. 

Welfare: To build a happy, diverse, connected, community of teammates that enjoy their work, where they work, when they work, how they work, and who they work with. 

World: With direct action, through our influence, and by our example, we will work to end social injustice, fight inequality, stop climate change and raise awareness for issues that matter to us. 

Who are you? 

First: You demonstrate a refusal to come second with an inherent need to stay ahead and encourage others to adopt this spirit too. 

Fearless: You shun complacency and strive for innovation in a world of saturation. 

Ever-changing: With a passion for media, you strive to stay ahead of a landscape that is constantly changing.

Job Description

Do you live for the latest meme? Does your scrolling on TikTok never stop? Do you speak emoji?

We’re looking for a Senior Social Media Manager who has a creative and strategic mind, who is always curious about the latest social trends, who knows culture and could write a thesis on social platforms. 

As a Senior Social Media Manager at Social Chain, you will mainly manage the ins and outs of brands’ social media calendars. From making sure that the strategy is being implemented correctly and optimized with all the learnings, to ideating what the content should look like with the creative team, to writing the copy that brings in on-brand yet relevant language. You’ll be responsible for bringing the brand’s vision to life across both campaigns and always-on content - helping make sure their pages are a reflection of their mission. 

Candidate Requirements

Specific knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 

  • Systems: Adobe Creative Suite, Sprinklr (or similar content planning/scheduling applications), Google Presentation 
  • Languages: English
  • Soft skills: Design, Concepting, Copywriting, Content Planning, Social Strategy, Presentation Skills

Additional Info

Major Goals and Objectives 

  • Stay on top of the latest platform updates, trends, and cultural insights and translate these into actionable content for brands to leverage. 
  • Ensure social accounts remain relevant to the consumer, category, and target. 
  • Implement the brand’s social strategy across channels, making sure to bring in the above. 
  • Organize, own and manage the social media calendar. 
  • Review client briefs and partner with the creative team to concept creative and then bring those concepts to life. 
  • Write copy that leverages the brand voice while remaining relevant. 
  • Optimize social campaigns and content to increase performance.
  • Schedule social posts through third-party tools and select paid promotion posts from the content calendar
  • Read and action learnings from reports to ongoing social calendar